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Headshot of author Jay Owens, photographed by Brian David Stevens

Hi. I'm Jay Owens - a writer and digital media director based in London.

I studied Social Anthropology at the LSE followed by a Masters in Modernity, Space and Place (Geography) at UCL. My graduate thesis ‘Dust: Disturbing the Domestic’ explored dust as a medium of the domestic uncanny, and as an imaginative framework to create disruptive and radical interpretations of lived space.


In 2016, following a journey to the parched desert hinterland of Los Angeles, I developed this idea into the email newsletter Disturbances, followed by a programme for BBC Radio 4 Four Thought - and then finally a book, Dust: The Modern World in a Trillion Particles, published in 2023 by Hodder (UK) and Abrams (US).

Beyond dust, I've worked for the last fifteen years as a media and technology researcher and digital strategist. I now work at the London Review of Books as Head of Audience, managing the paper's digital presence across web, app, email and social.

I live in north London for the foreseeable moment.​


Writer's Reads in Geographical magazine, 2023

A conversation with novelist Jeremy Bushnell, 2024

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